Author promotion using #SixSunday on Twitter

I recently wrote an article introducing Sample Sunday as a way for authors to leverage social media to share some of their work with readers. With Six Sentence Sunday, the approach is about the same, with the added bonus of a link to the author’s sample on the Six Sentence Sunday website.  Here’s how it works:  the author publishes a writing sample (six sentences) on their blog, and then fills out the form on the Six Sentence Sunday website prior to Sunday. On the Six Sentence Sunday website, the list of participants goes live in a post at 9 a.m. Eastern each Sunday.

Authors can then tweet their sample using the #SixSunday hashtag. Authors can also follow the official Six Sentence Sunday twitter feed at:

Learn more about the process and how to get involved at the FAQ page for Six Sentence Sunday.  Use Twitter search to view the latest #SixSunday activity, and in no time at all you’ll be a savvy Six Sentence Sunday participant as author and reader.

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