Authors: 4 things you forgot to do to prep your author site for Cyber Monday

The wave of the season’s online shopping is upon us. Cyber Monday has become the biggest day for online sales. Here are 4 easy tips for prepare your web presence for the wave of shoppers.

  1. Check the purchase links on your site. Click on all of the “buy” links on your site to make sure the links take the user to the right place. Design-wise, do the “buy” links stand out, or are they too subdued?
  2. Cross-sell. Have more than one book? On each of your site’s book pages, promote your other books.
  3. Check your Amazon Author Page. Shoppers will be on Could your author page use a new photo? Does your bio need updating? Does the page list all of your books, or are some missing?
  4. Don’t forget mobile — check your site’s display on mobile. This year will bring far more smartphone purchases than ever before. In a recent roundup, I included this item:

Have other ideas to prepare for the shopping season?  Join the discussion in the comments below.


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