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Reflections on books given to us by lovers

I came across this via @CalamityJennnnn who tweeted: “They break our hearts, they leave us books.” Her tweet included the link to this Tumblr: The Books They Gave Me. It’s a showcase of books given to us or left behind from a past relationship. Each cover photo includes a brief reflection. Here is a sample. After you visit the site, consider submitting your own.

My boyfriend and I first had that moment of recognition — that we got each other — when I sang “Father of Mine” by Everclear at Karaoke. We laughed but then said, “I actually think that’s a pretty good CD,” and that unironic love of Art Alexakis bound us forever.

Later that same night, we were hanging out in my kitchen and he saw The Collected Poems of Frank O’Hara on my floor. I hadn’t met anyone who loved Frank O’Hara as much as I did, and I was in love. He drew a picture of a cow on a note pad and then said, “You should read I Remember by Joe Brainard, too. I think you’d really like him.” The notepad got tossed aside and I didn’t think much about it.

For our first Valentine’s Day, he and I built a fort in his living room. We made a big dinner and dessert and we made some funny collages and watched movies in our fort. And that night, he gave me I Remember.

I’ve used it for writing prompts for myself, I’ve picked it up when I can’t sleep and kind of leafed through the pages. He used it in a lesson for a 5th grade class he was teaching a poetry unit to as a visiting student teacher. 

We’re still together and we still make forts but I remember our first Valentine’s Day, for sure. I remember a lot.

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Inspiring: Typography in book covers

Tyler Denis of the Denis Designs blog curates a selection of book covers with a design focus on typography. It’s a fascinating collection of images to peruse.  I have too many favorites in Denis’ wonderful collection to include them all here — here are a few samples.

A Coney Island Of The Mind, by Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Designed by Ben Wiseman.

Child Of God, by Cormac McCarthy. Designed by David Pearson.

The Way Through Doors, by Jesse Ball. Designed by Jason Booher & Helen Yentus.

Maria Popova, editor of the Brainpickings blog, was inspired by the Denis Designs post to assemble her own 10 Beautiful Typographic Covers of Non-Typography Books. Her selections include New York Times columnist Stanley Fish’s How to Write a Sentence: And How to Read One:

See the Denis Designs blog’s selection of book covers.

See Maria Popova’s 10 Beautiful Typographic Covers of Non-Typography Books.

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