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Inspiring: Typography in book covers

Tyler Denis of the Denis Designs blog curates a selection of book covers with a design focus on typography. It’s a fascinating collection of images to peruse.  I have too many favorites in Denis’ wonderful collection to include them all here — here are a few samples.

A Coney Island Of The Mind, by Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Designed by Ben Wiseman.

Child Of God, by Cormac McCarthy. Designed by David Pearson.

The Way Through Doors, by Jesse Ball. Designed by Jason Booher & Helen Yentus.

Maria Popova, editor of the Brainpickings blog, was inspired by the Denis Designs post to assemble her own 10 Beautiful Typographic Covers of Non-Typography Books. Her selections include New York Times columnist Stanley Fish’s How to Write a Sentence: And How to Read One:

See the Denis Designs blog’s selection of book covers.

See Maria Popova’s 10 Beautiful Typographic Covers of Non-Typography Books.

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