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Sylvia Plath’s exquisite drawings

The Guardian’s Observer has a gallery available online, “Sylvia Plath sketches“, a selection of the author’s exquisite drawings.  These are eleven selections from an upcoming show at London’s Mayor Gallery, Nov. 1 thru Dec. 17, 2011. Don’t miss the companion short essay “Lines of beauty: the art of Sylvia Plath” in which Frieda Hughes reveals the stories behind her mother’s exquisite drawings.  Here is an excerpt from the essay:

On 28 August she wrote to her mother, Aurelia Plath: “I feel I’m developing a kind of primitive style of my own which I am very fond of. Wait till you see. The Cambridge sketch was nothing compared to these.”

Here is Sylvia Plath’s sketch, Cambridge:

Here is Sylvia Plath’s sketch, The Bell Jar:

Here is Sylvia Plath’s sketch, Wuthering Heights: